Recording Studio 


Record your songs to music industry standard using CPMR’s digital recording studio. 
CPMR Studio offers this great  facility at affordable prices, to allow solo artists and bands the opportunity  to make thier songs a reality.  With our expertise  you know that your ideas are in safe hands with our experienced recording engineer . Our system includes an 8 core Apple Mac pro  at its heart  so theres no worries of running out of processing power or tracks, We have the latest outboard equipment ans software If you want an orchestral arrangement on your recording no problem. Feel free to use any of our guitars listed below.


If you have a great idea for a song but don’t  quite have the expertise or tools to make it happen, we can take the most basic sketch track to the next level.
With access to many great session musicians and virtual instruments
we can bring your track to life and you will walk away very happy indeed.

Mastering Service 

Use our mastering service to give your track the professional edge to make your creation into the finished product.
We have  the latest mastering tools to give your track optimum quality, clarity and volume to sound the best it can sound.

Studio Equipment

Apple Mac Pro 8 core 16gb Ram
Apple I mac I7 27"
Mackie Logic control  Universal desk plus extender
Saffire pro 40 audio interface
Saffire Octopre 
M-Audio Key station 88es
M-Audio  pro 88
Tannoy system 800 8" monitors
Spirit by soundcraft absolute zero 5" monitors
Genelec 8020a active monitors 
Alesis RA-300 Power Amplifier
Neumann TLM103
T-Bone SCT 2000 Valve condenser mic
Superlux CM-H8a Studio condenser
T-Bone EM 81 x 2
T-Bone CD56 beta x 4
T-Bone BD-25 beta 
2x shure SM58  microphones
Acoustic Absorption
SE Electronics Reflexion filter
Acoustically treated live room to eliminate unwanted reflections.
Strategically placed acoustic absorption in control room to create an  accurate as possible mixing environment
Internal Suspended walls and ceiling in live room to decouple from outside walls to stop
unwanted noise coming in 
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 2x12 60watt Valve combo amplifier
Marshall JCM 2000 2x12 extension cabinet
Fender USA Deluxe Stratocaster
Fender USA Standard Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Takamine Tan16c Acoustic x2
Takamine EN-10c Acoustic
Fender USA Standard precision Bass
Avalon 12 string acoustic