Music Tuition 

Guitar and Vocal Tuition 

Guitar Tuition 

Vocal Tuition 

Learn guitar in the relaxed environment of CPMR studio. A variety of styles are covered including Rock and Pop 
Whether you are a complete beginner considering guitar lessons for the first time or an accomplished player wanting to advance your skills CPMR can help you achieve your goals.
CPMR can provide one to one or group guitar tuition that is tailored to suit the style you want to play as well as help you to advance at a pace that is right for you.
Lessons cover many areas depending on your personal
goals and level of ability.
Subjects include…
Musical theory
Or simply just learning to play your favorite song.
30 and 60 Minute lessons avaliable 
Vocal Tuition tailored to suit your individual learning requirements. 
From beginners wanting to learn the basics to semi professional singers who would like to refine their vocal technique, CPMR can help you achieve your goals.
Learn to sing the fun way . CPMR can teach you skills in order to control your pitch and tone accurately as well as helping you to increase your vocal strength all in a freindly and relaxed environment.
Vocal Lessons help singers to build the mechanics of their voices- strength, range, tone, flexibility, agility, projection, registration, freedom, and more. Voice Lessons are appropriate for any singer looking to improve their capabilities as a vocalist.
Lesson subjects cover many areas depending on your personal goals and level of ability. Subjects include…
Breathing techniques
Pitch control
Dynamic control
*  Or simply just learning to sing your favorite song so you sound great.
CPMR will record you singing a song of your choice to keep track of your progress. 

New For 2015..........

Rock School Grades 
Rockschool puts performance at the heart of vocal exams. Each grade has a wide choice of repertoire that covers all the key skills required at that level. With songs from Adele, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Kings of Leon in the syllabus, students can perform the music they love AND gain a qualification.