Kids Music Experience 

Looking for that special gift......
Let your little one have a fantastic music experience as they record thier very own song in a state of the art
Recording Studio. 

Pop Star Party 

Celebrate your birthday in style and record your very own pop song along with your friends. 
See what it's like to be a pop star…. Choose a song to record and CPMR Studio do the rest. We guarantee your party is going to be a great one, as everyone gets their headphones on and works with a industry professional to lay down the lyrics. Watch and learn as your producer professionally mixes the track.
 Sing it loud and record your own CD at an  unique recording pop party
2 hour recording session
 Up to 8 guests (6 children, 2 adults)
Personalised cup cakes and sweets.
 Professional recording equipment and producer
 Fully mixed CD for everyone
  Fantastic experience for 7 years plus.

Keep it forever
Everyone gets a copy of the CD so they can impress
thier friends and family for years to come.

Prices starting from £95